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You’re probably wondering why you have to put even an ounce of effort or waste your time thinking of what kind of garage door style to pick, when you can simply go with anything that’s cost effective and can open automatically when you need to park your car, covering its ultimate purpose. But as much as the sophistication and design lies on your home interior, the exterior also kind of matters and there’s no doubt that’s what creates a good first impression. A garage door is a vital part of your outdoor which is almost always ignored just like the terms and conditions of any home appliance. Anyway if you’re up for choosing a door that matches your home, here’s a few tips to get you started.


There’s a few varieties you could choose from when it comes to what type of material you want your garage roller doors Brisbane made in. Wood’s the most traditional and the recommended one due to its durability and the fact that it can blend with almost any home design. But again, you might have to make quite an investment to it in order to compensate for its advantages. And the maintenance costs can be recurring as you might have to paint and stain on and off. You can also go for steel for a less costly and a stronger garage door, but keep in mind that steel is prone to denting, scratching and subsequently rusting over time. Other materials include aluminium which also comes in various styles and colours and require very less maintenance and fibre glass which I’d say although it does come in various colours and style, are more expensive and vulnerable to cracks. 


Well style really depends on you. You can still have a contemporary style good automatic garage doors whilst having your home interior inspired by farmhouse designs. It doesn’t really matter as long as you love it because, you’re the one that’s going to be living not your neighbours who give wacky comments. If you’re thinking of going contemporary, then trust me the options are infinite. You can choose from pebbled glass to frosted glass and stained wood and everything screaming modern and unique. Victorian garage doors with windows in them are definitely a must if you’re opting for a coach house look. For vintage vibes, incorporate a 1950s ranch style which is simplistic in design, with horizontal patterns.


Finally when it comes to choosing the right colour, all what you’ve got to keep in mind is that the colour of it can add value to your home so you need to be a bit careful. A home owner’s common approach to picking a colour by using the same one used in the window’s trim or the home’s sidings. But sometimes it just doesn’t matter if you need to blend in with your house, you can choose a sophisticated colour that will give it the bold look it needs. These colours include, dark green or black. But if you want to settle for lighter tones warmer ones, you can go for evergreen, ice white, dessert sand or Mocha brown. If you’re utterly confused just contact a pro for a bit of advice.

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Why Are The Tote Bags Called As Tote Bags?

Have you ever thought of why the tote bags are called as the tote bags. When you date back in its 17 th century, term “tote” as well as sometimes “tate” was used by people  that meant to bear or to carry. However, you might be surprised that tote was finally used for referring it to the bags after 1900’s.  

A brief background of the tote bags 

LL Bean launched its signature bags that are made from the canvas called as boat bag. It was designed to facilitate the boaters through their designs as well as for its work. Even the newspaper delivery boys used these bags at that time. Functionality, simplicity and sturdiness of tote bags was appreciated by many people particularly women. The best big thing that came up was these bags. Ot was very convenient for people to have these foldable foldable tote bag as travelling bags instead of others. The designs of tote bags were marketed in every place  inclusive of the luggages markets. The markets started to grow rapidly and soon the tote bags turned to be hit due to its style and sturdiness. 

In the tenure of 1950s, the tote bags appeared everywhere where the women started using them as their handbags. The time witnessed that none paid any heed to fashion or style and much attention was invested in functionality and practicality. The major reason behind the selection of tote bags by the women was its practically and functionality as these bags definitely demanded low maintenance.  

What has the tote bags turned to be now? 

We are in great debt to Bonnie Cashin who released her tote bags line in 1960. The conventional tote bags were left far behind and the new line offered great style and embellishments particularly appealing to the women who were preferring practicality and style. 

Later on, tote bags were popularised as fashion bags by Kate Spade in 1990’s, instead of just simple luggage bags. The contemporary world offer great variety of tote bags to women. They were designed in various colours, sizes and shapes from different materials. Tote bags were the bags that catered all age groups of women. Till date, tote bags are high end and closet staple choices and high end choice for the fashionistas. 

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