Surprising your significant other on the 14th of February with something heartfelt is a tough task to accomplish. There is something wanting the novelty of a generic holiday. Luckily for you, some things never get old and the “classic” methods of making your girlfriend’s/ boyfriend’s or wife’s/husband’s day have come back in style. Read on for simple ways on how to put a smile on your partner’s face this year.

The Red Way

According to time and its passing experience, the colour red is especially symbolic and significant on this day. Co-ordinating your gifts to crimson is something that is simple but also shows that you have cared enough to pay attention to detail. Putting a modern touch to the whole thing will also so a long way. Ordering a roses in a box instead of the usual dozen, baking or buying red velvet cupcakes or cakes, getting dressed in that colour are some ways that you can spruce up your gift.

The White Way

If your spouse is not a fan of bright and overwhelming colours, you can go for an elegant touch of class in your gift, by excluding bright coloured items altogether. Ordering a boxed flower bouquets full of white roses, chrysanthemums, peonies etc. will help you keep to the theme. Also, buying white gold jewellery – maybe a bracelet or cufflinks – to add to the flair of the whole affair, ordering a white fondant cake to go with the colour scheme are little things you can do that will complete the whole package.

Dining Extravagance

It may do well for you to reserve a table at a fancy restaurant – try your best to book some place that is both romantic and intimate – your spouse will really appreciate the gesture. In a generic and cliché holiday, make the whole thing intimate and special. The quality time this will gift the two of you is immeasurable and will be unforgettable.

Cooking at Home

You can also enjoy a meal that is home cooked. If you are skilled in the culinary arts or if you’re good at following a recipe, this is a piece of cake for you. Rest assured that your spouse will be beyond touched that you made the effort to cook for him or her. Complete that with a few candles, dim lighting and light music, and you night is intimate, generic but special none the less.

All in all, Valentine’s Day is overjoyed and heavily exaggerated and commercialized, but you can be the husband, wife, girlfriend or boyfriend to really make it meaningful by celebrating the true essence of the holiday: love.