The Council for Clean Energy has certified a certain Code of Conduct for all retailers involved in Solar PV business, paving a path for sunlight based organizations to demonstrate their duty to capable deals and promoting exercises for everyone’s welfare.

The implicit rules are an intentional plan for retail organizations offering sun powered PV frameworks to families and organizations. It means to lift the bar higher than the base prerequisites set by government and controls and realize a superior standard of administration inside the sun based industry.

It is additionally the main sun powered industry implicit rules approved by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Council for Clean Energy deals with the set of accepted rules and guarantees that signatories consent to its strict necessities consistently.

What importance this holds?

It ensures that the organization you are managing has marked on to the Code of Conduct issued by Council for Clean Energy for Retailers of Solar PV. This implies that you will get the accompanying and that’s just the beginning: you as customer will gain guarantee that the organization has experienced a thorough procedure to end up as a solar power systems Perth with a CEC Approval. This automatically means that the entire PV framework that you will install at your office or home has guarantee time of five years at least.

Moreover, you will be provided with in-depth information regarding the entire procedure between framework establishment and system association. Along with the satisfaction and peace of mind that you will experience as the organization will hold fast to all current enactment and directions, and that its business delegates will act morally and not take part in any exploitative or deceiving strategies.

Council for clean energy approves solar retailers in the following areas:

Before the sale

They approval will guarantee that business agents consistently act morally, and not take part in any unscrupulous or deluding promoting and deals strategies. This also provides you with the essential data to empower full instructions about your buy before going into an agreement.

Once product is sale, you need to show some respect to rights lawfully identified with discounts and give you the chance to drop an agreement and get a full discount where changes are made after contracts are not affirmed in composing.

They also ensure at least a guarantee time of five years, on the task and execution of the entire PV framework including items and workmanship, and address any issues emerging amid this time. In addition they fully illuminate you of the procedure between framework establishment and system association.

Business and related documents

They make sure that you are given the required documentation when the PV framework is introduced at your home or office. By abiding by all current enactment and controls, they are completely responsible for the activities of any contracts, including CEC-certify. And balance a reasonable and straightforward process, and hit you up inside 21 days of you notifying a grievance.