Getting ready for a wedding and planning and organizing a wedding is not a very easy to do task but we believe that with the help of family, friends and tips like the below mentioned, every bride gets through it all.

If you’re someone who is starting to plan your dream wedding, the tips that we have mentioned below will definitely help you in the process to have a stress free and easy wedding.

Look for a venue

Finding a venue for a wedding is not an easy task so it is best to start the search the moment your man drops down to one knee and asks you to be his bride. Usually you need to book a venue for a wedding at least six or seven months prior to the wedding so don’t wait around to set a date and book the venue.

Hire services

If you’re getting married in a church in perth, you should hire a Perth wedding photographer well in advance to capture these special moments of your life. Even if you’re not getting married in perth and you’re getting married on a beach far far away in an exotic country, it is still a must to book a photographer very early on.

Aside from hiring a well-trained wedding photographer in Joondalup, you should also look into hiring a caterer for the wedding. You can’t have a wedding ceremony without food so give a call to your local caterers, give a head count of the number of pax and place an order for whatever it is that you have decided to treat your guests to.

Get fitted

For a bride, the wedding dress that she will wear on her wedding will play a major role on the day of the wedding so it is crucial to start picking out a wedding dress at least five months into the wedding planning so that the bride could look absolutely stunning on her big day. Aside from the bride, you should also start getting the bridesmaid and flower girl dresses ready.

Similarly for the groom, groomsmen and the page boys, they also should start getting fitted for their blazers and clothing.


Nobody likes a bridezilla so try to pay a visit or two every other month during the wedding planning process to calm your nerves, relax and just rejuvenate your body for a little boost of energy to continue the planning and organizing process. Once you have mastered these tips, you will definitely be able to get through the whole wedding process without much of a hassle.