Bohemia is considered to be the symbol of elegance, of being delicate, a sophisticated luxury to be very specific about it then. Before going on with what a bohemia crystal is let us understand what a crystal, crystallite and a lead crystal is. A crystal is, as known to many people all around the world, a clear and transparent glass. There are different materials that make up the mixture so that crystal can come into being, these materials are lead, lead oxide, sand, potash and broken pieces of glass too. 

Crystallite however is the glassware that is almost the same as the lead crystal but yet very different in many aspects if looked into very specifically. The main difference between the crystal decanter set and crystallite is that as we all are aware of the fact that there is lead and lead oxide in a crystal, there is none found in the crystallite and so we can say that a crystallite is totally free of any lead that might be present in a crystal and that is how we know that there is obviously lead in the bohemia crystal as a result as well then.

Now coming to the lead crystal, lead crystal is formed when there is an addition of lead oxide in the basic glass mixture. Although it depends on the used how much lead he wants to add in the mixture, it determines the strength of the crustal as a whole then, the more the lead the better the combination becomes as a result of that.

The bohemia crystal we are talking about comes in all three of these, crystal, crystallite and lead crystal too. There are many things such as different decoration items that can be made out of the right Bohemia crystal glass set. A lot of bowls and different vases that are being sold in different markets are usually made out of the bohemia crustal that we are talking about in fact.

The stuff that is made out of the bohemia crystal shows a lot of generosity and turn out to be one of the most unique designs that look so pure and simple on their own. They are of the kind that are so impressive that people find them very attractive in the first time that they lay eyes on the items made out of crystal. Such eye catching stuff and so pure that the whole world falls in love with them all over again as a result then. People have been using bohemia crystal since a very long time and they have decided to use them to impress the world yet again and would continue to do so forever as there is no replacement.